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As a member of the The Optical Society of Japan, you are entitled to free access of electrical contents from Optical Review on SpringerLink. To access this secured content, please activate your access rights following the instructions below:

[Step 1]

Please go to http://link.springer.com/ and click on “Sign up / Log in” on the top right hand of the page and choose “Sign up / Log in”. (If you see instead, click on it to show the “Sign up / Log in” option.)

[Step 2]

If you already have an account on SpringerLink, please enter your account details and log in. If you do not yet have an account, please create one by filling your details into the form on the left of the redirected page.

[Step 3]

When successfully logged in, you should see your name where the “Sign up / Log in” option used to be. (If you see instead, click on it to show your name.) Click on the “Account details/profile” option under your name, and you will be redirected to your “Account Details” page.

[Step 4]

Under “Your Organisations”, please enter the association code provided by The Optical Society of Japan.

You have now successfully activated your free access rights to fulltexts from Optical Review! You will not need to enter an association code again for 2015 access; simply log in to SpringerLink with your email address and password.